Hi, my name is Sascha Gast. I am a Hairstylist/owner located at Dino|Clark Salon in Santa Monica, California. 
Please feel free to browse my site, get information about me and the services I offer. Call me or email me with any question you might have. 
I will answer them as soon as possible so I can take care of all your hair needs, give you ideas and solutions on how to achieve the look you desire.
I strive for quality, the newest hair cutting and coloring techniques and hair smoothing technologies to cater to your needs. Heard about the Brazilian Blowout TM ? The amazing hair smoothing treatment to temporarily get rid of frizz for 6 weeks up to 4 months.  I am a Brazilian Blowout TM certified specialist,  but I 
also use Global Keratin TM  to offer another great product and to give each client the best solution for their needs. I only work with formaldehyde FREE products. Yes, there are still some treatments out there that contain formaldehyde, but I choose not to work with them since I don’t find the results to be superior. Some people have allergic reactions to formaldehyde and nobody really knows the long term effects of them, these products haven’t been on the market long enough to show such effects, but in order to keep my clients and myself safe, I ONLY WORK WITH FORMALDEHYDE FREE Keratin Treatments.
You will find plenty of information on the web, that’s exactly what I did and made my decisions based on this research.
You can read lots of information HERE
Thank you for stopping by......
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Brazilian Blowout TM  and Global Keratin TM Specialist