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If you arrived at this section of my website, you probably have already done some research about relaxers, Keratin treatments and most of all the Brazilian Blowout. Maybe you have a friend who told you about it, maybe you have read about it in one of the gossip magazines out there or maybe you have heard from your stylist, either way, if you kept reading everything about those type of services, you probably have on common reason with all the clients and celebrities that have already received one of these services. So the question is, what is a Brazilian Blowout, what does it do and why should you get one.

First and foremost I have to say one thing right away, Brazilian Blowout and Global Keratin 
ARE NOT RELAXERS. I am certain that many of you have heard about “japanese relaxers” some of you heard good stories, but I am also sure that you have heard bad stories as well. 
As a stylist, I never had any interest in offering “japanese relaxers” due to the chemicals used on the hair and I also have never been very fond of the results. On average, the service changes the hair texture too much, is permanent, is too flat,  can not be combined with too many other chemical services and also does not leave the hair in great condition. Sure, the hair is straight, but I have seen too many of these relaxers gone bad and when others were busy selling these services, I was busy trying to save previously treated hair and even sometimes cutting most of it off and simply start over, getting the hair back to healthy. Yes, a great way to gain new clients, but not what I enjoy the most, keeping your hair healthy, shiny and beautiful. The services I offer will change wavy hair to straight and very curly hair to a softer and smoother curl but will be gone back to it’s original state after about 4-6 months without any roots.

What is a Keratin treatments or a Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout has become the general term for most keratin services. There are many different types of keratin treatments, but only one of them is actually called Brazilian Blowout TM. 
Based on my own research and test results I have chosen 2 companies that offer in my humble opinion the best and also the safest products. Brazilian Blowout TM and Global Keratin TM. I will explain the difference and why I decided to use these 2 brands a little further down.

The treatments are SEMI PERMANENT hair smoothers that last anywhere from 6 weeks up to 4 months. Both brands are Formaldehyde free, both remove the frizz most effectively  and both allow the hair over the course of time to go back to it’s original texture and shape. You will not loose your curl and yes, once the product is gone from the hair you will also have your frizz back, that’s when you know it’s time to get another service and enjoy weeks/months of frizz free hair.

A few top reasons for you to get a Brazilian Blowout 

No more Frizz
too much time spent blow drying instead of sleeping in a little longer or spending more time with the family
you are always affected by the humidity
your hair gets frizzy all the time because you live near the ocean
the slightest bit of fog makes your hair go wild
finally achieving salon quality results without the labor
using less thermal styling  tools( tools like flatirons and the like) to calm the hair texture and remove frizz
using less hair care products due to less damage from using blow dryers and flat irons
being able to leave most styling tools home when you go on vacation
air drying your hair without frizz at home or even when you come out of the ocean on that tropical island, when you are done working out in the gym or you are simply just too lazy to style your hair, no frizz.
calming your natural curl to a smoother and softer look
you want to grow your hair long but your hair always gets damaged from using flat irons and other styling tools
previously had a “japanese” relaxer and want something that doesn’t damage the hair and leaves no roots
Whatever your motivation or desire is, your hair will feel smooth and soft but most of all, you will finally be able to style it yourself in a fraction of the time it used to take you before.

Are the products you use safe or are they toxic?

When you do your research on the web you will find lots of information that tells you that most keratin treatments contain Formaldehyde. Matter of fact, when these type of products were developed in Brazil they did contain a high percentage of Formaldehyde, but when Mauricio Ribeiro developed his own product he originally used a much lower percentage but with his newest formulation he was able to completely eliminate Formaldehyde but rather use a much better and healthier cousin in his new formulation of Brazilian Blowout TM solution. 
It is very important to only use product that is safe, not only because I want to make sure I keep you healthy, I do many treatments every week and I also want to make sure it is safe for me to use as the stylist. 
Of course it is a fact that we are not dealing with a service that is made of herbs and berries, yes there are chemicals in the products but they are safe when used by a professional. Some people do experience burning in the eyes  during the service, some people also develop a little burning in the nose and/or throat, but this will go away as soon as the service is done. Very few people are actually allergic to any members of the “hyde family” even the healthier variety used in the Brazilian Blowout TM solution, but here is the good news. We at DINO | CLARK SALON are able to offer you our special Brazilian Blowout treatment room at no extra charge. It is fully vented to exhaust the fumes from the room and in addition to that we use another filtration device that helps to keep the air as clean as possible and since it is separated by a door from the rest of the salon, it also offers a little privacy so you can enjoy the experience of receiving the service. Many salons that also offer these services don’t have a room to make it as safe as possible.
But there is even more good news and this is where I mention why I use 2 different products. 
In case you are in fact allergic to the Brazilian Blowout brand product, I also offer the Global Keratin brand. Global Keratin TM does not contain any  member of the “hyde family” and would be a great alternative to the Brazilian Blowout TM  products. 
Both keep the hair silky smooth and perform actually very similar, but do have one major difference. After the service with the Brazilian Blowout brand, the hair does get rinsed and right there you get to see and feel how much your hair improved right in the salon.
With Global Keratin the product is left in the hair after the service for 72 hours and there are a few things you CAN NOT DO during this time. You can not get the hair wet, wear pony tails, tuck your hair behind the ear, wear your sunglasses on top of your head and also don’t work out since you would probably sweat too much. I know this might not sound much but trust me, many of the clients that did have to wait for 72 hours before they could truly enjoy their new hair said they would rather deal with the eye burning and tearing up for 90 minutes before they had to wait another 72 hours ever again. So unless you are very sensitive or even allergic, the Brazilian Blowout TM is most often the one I choose. But all these things will be determined during the consultation and I will make sure you receive the product and service that is right for you. And all that in the safest way possible.

How long does this service take and how much will it cost?

That all depends on the length, texture and density of your hair. All things being average, medium length hair with medium density and somewhat wavy hair will roughly take 90-120 minutes and will cost on average about  $200-$350 for the service. I determine the type of curl you have based on a chart found on
But since there are so many variables, I will let you know all the details before we start the service. If you want to talk to me about any of those details, please come by the salon for a free consultation, just call me on my Cellphone, 310-753-6506 and we will schedule it.
You will probably see people offering these types of services in many places for various discounts  but I guarantee my work and I am very thorough, oh who am I kidding, I am very anal with any hair service I offer and I will ensure that you will have a Brazilian Blowout that will last you for the longest time possible. It certainly is not cheap but you get what you pay for. It is truly the best and most life changing hair service for people with problem hair. It will change the way you feel about your hair and give you the ability to deal with your hair in ways you never thought possible.

So what do I have to do right before and after the service


There are only a few rules you have to live by once you decide to get or already have a Brazilian Blowout  TM or Global Keratin TM treatment.  
If you color your hair, the color service needs to be done before the Brazilian Blowout because you can not color your hair for about 14 days after. The hair can be colored, highlighted and even bleached right before the treatment, porous hair will actually absorb the product even better and make the Blowout last longer. The process will lighten you colored hair a little, on average about  a 1/2  shade, so if you have another stylist coloring your hair other than me, please inform them about this, but I can always tell you during the consultation if we should enhance the color before we do the smoothing service.
When you come in the salon to do the service you will fill out two forms that will explain everything to you and to give you a chance to ask questions. You can download these forms here:

Brazilian Blowout Hair An.doc             Brazilian Blowout Treatme.doc 

So what happens if I am pregnant?

This is a tricky one. If you have done some research already you might have come across an article about a certain member of the Richie family that had the service done while she was pregnant, so I am not judging or telling you what to do, Brazilian Blowout TM does not recommend their stylist to treat pregnant women while Global Keratin TM  advises clients to consult with a physician prior to any services.
Both companies also state that the minimum age to receive this service should be 12 years of age and older. 

After care or how to protect your Brazilian Blowout to last as long as possible.

During the consultation and prior to the service I will inform you about the products I recommend to you. It is very important to use the right products.
Shampoos and conditioners can not contain sulfate or Sodium Chloride since they would remove the Keratin treatment from the hair way too fast. And though there are many sulfate free products on the market I highly recommend to use the products that match the service you received in order to supply similar ingredients, found in the keratin solution, to the hair.
This is the best way to make your hair smooth and shiny for a very long time.

If you go swim, especially in the ocean, rinse your hair when you get out of the water and apply the appropriate mask to your hair, it will help to keep the treatment in your hair longer as well.

The more you do the service the better it will work and the longer it will make a difference, don’t wait until it is all gone from your hair, if you wait 5-6 months between services, the product will not build up on the hair, the most effective way to improve a Brazilian Blowout or Global Keratin treatment is to do it just about every 3-4 months, this way it will build up on the hair and keep it even in better shape.

Final words:

I love performing the service, I love giving you what you want and the best part is seeing your face when you get to see the final result for the very first time, when you put your fingers through your hair and you won’t get tangled or when you see how easy it really is to style your hair.
That’s what makes my job amazing and I would like for you to experience your Brazilian Blowout or Global Keratin Treatment with me at Dino | Clark Salon in Santa Monica. 

Please call me at     310-753-6506 

or simply 

I hope all this information was helpful to you and that I get to see you soon for YOUR Brazilian Blowout.

Sascha Gast
First things first:

before you start reading I would love to share some quick information about Discount offers and “cheap” Brazilian Blowout® treatments. All over town you can read signs about salons doing treatments at very low prices. Some of them incredibly low.
Please use common sense, if it sounds to good to be true..... 
Protect your investment and make sure you go with a certified stylist. Today, most of the certifications are done via Youtube and don’t require the stylist to attend a certification class anymore. For your money , you deserve a well educated stylist.
But most importantly, make sure the stylist uses the proper amount of BB solution on your hair and does not try to save dollars by not applying enough solution to make sure you really get to enjoy this service for a long time.
I have done an incredible amount of Brazilian Blowouts up to this day and I have yet to see one of my clients needing it re-done in the 10-12 week period recommended. 
Most of my clients wait 5 months or more simply because the service lasts that long on the hair and they are not in need to get it done after only 3 months.

My biggest reason to get this off my chest here is simple, people will ask me if I match prices.
99% of the time I will not match, I know the quality of my work when it comes to my haircuts and color services I can’t match prices of a barber shop either and know I will give you a much better service.

I am a haircut/color/Brazilian Blowout® specialist and I guarantee my work and your satisfaction. And in addition, I keep my prices fair, many of my clients pay only between $250-$300 unless the hair is extremely long and thick and I really do need to use additional product.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this info first, it just simply means a lot
to me that you have the best experience getting your Brazilian Blowout®.

Now please read on to get all the info you need and feel free to call me if you have any further questions. 310-753-6506
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